CryptoCanal was founded in 2019 by Eléonore Blanc and has four pillars, education, events, consultancy and a podcast. We support the cypherpunk ideals of privacy, open-source development, and financial freedom.

Education: Our core is to educate people to the wonders and reality of cryptocurrencies. Demystifying every fear and making crypto accessible to all. We offer two educational formats: Crypto 101 and Crypto Deep Dive for beginners and a more advanced audience. 



EventsAt heart, we foster a vibrant and diverse community of crypto enthusiasts and investors. In 2021, we hosted 23 online and IRL events. Every month we host IRL Crypto Tech and Crypto Drinks in Amsterdam. We will also be hosting ETH Day during Devconnect on the 18th of April 2022. 

Consultancy: We offer, marketing and business developement strategies and institutional reporting for the crypto industry. 

Podcast: The Humans of Crypto Podcast is an intimate take on the people that eat, live and breathe crypto.  


The Mt. Gox Hack

Eight years ago the cryptocurrency community saw the greatest exchange hack in Bitcoin history. That Monday users found Mt. Gox had suspended trading, and hours later, the website returned a blank page. Remember, not your keys, not your crypto.

Cryptocurrency adoption in Argentina

Discover the impact of decades of fiat mismanagement and how cryptocurrencies offer stability against hyperinflation in Argentina.  Understanding Argentina’s background  For some context, between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Argentina was called the Read more…

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