What is the Crypto Deep Dive?

3 hour, online, interactive and personal session, to level up your crypto knowledge while asking all your burning questions.  During this session you will learn the basics surrounding cryptocurrencies and the rise of the DeFi industry. 

Who is teaching the session?

Eleonore Blanc has been in the crypto industry since 2017. She founded Crypto Canal in 2019.  She is passionate about the tech, and strives to teach you all the  crypto fundamentals in an easy, approachable way. 

Who is the Crypto Deep Dive for?

You’ve heard of crypto but still can’t wrap your head around it? You’ve invested some money but don’t understand the tech? You want to see if crypto could impact your life, work and portfolio? Tired of all the technical talks, don’t know where to get it all in one easy place? Don’t want to spend hours, get lost on the internet and weird forums? Than this class if for you. 

When does the Crypto Deep Dive occur?

That’s the beauty of having a personal, crypto coaching session. You decide when you want to learn and have this online guided dive deep session.  Chose at your convenience, the best time for you to learn. 

Want to make sure this is the right fit for you?

You want to  make some changes in the program? Would you like your team to level up as well? No worries, let’s chat, just book us for a free consultation. 

How much does it cost?

We offer a competitive price of 520€ incl. 21% VAT per student for the 3 hour session. Paid in fiat or using cryptocurrencies via BitPay.

    Special feature – Crypto wallet workshop & receive your very own POAP NFT 

    We can talk for hours, but it will all make sense once you actually transact. We will end the session on a hands on, step by step cryptocurrency wallet workshop for you to learn how to receive, send, store cryptocurrencies.

    In addition, for attending this class you will receive a “Crypto Deep Dive” POAP NFT to commemorate your class with us. This will require an ETH address or the POAP wallet which is available on iOS and Android.   


    Michaela Zenhäusern
    Michaela ZenhäusernHair & Fashion Stylist
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    Eleonore ist doing a fantastic job. In the 3 hours crypto deep dive she could explain me the basics to understand about crypto. She is passionate about they crypto world and has a big knowledge.I had no idea at all, a real crypto dummy. Within this 3 hours, she gave the tools to do research to understand more to become a crypt investor. I can warmly recommend Ellie. Thank you very much.
    Alain Desvigne
    Alain Desvigne Co-founder and CEO of Amarenco, a global leading solar investment company
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    This was an amazing crash course. I have learnt much more in a few hours with her than within any online material.
    Get in touch and see if this is the right class for you to level up you crypto knowledge 🙂