Cryptocurrency Deep Dive

The Cryptocurrency Deep Dive is a 3 hour private class, for more advanced cryptocurrency enthusiasts.  During this session you will learn the basics surrounding cryptocurrencies and the rise of the DeFi industry. We welcome a maximum of 3 students per session.

3 hour program
  • History & fiat money 
  • Blockchain fundamentals 
  • From hot to cold wallets 
  • Asymmetric public private key, encryption
  • Custodians VS self custody 
  • Blockchain consensus algorithms, Proof of Work, Proof of Stake & Delegated Proof of Stake 
  • Fundamental analysis, checklist 
  • Deep dive into cryptocurrencies, BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH
  • Non Fungible Tokens
  • Decentralised Finance, lending platforms, decentralized echanges, flash loans
  • The case of Uniswap
  • Decentralised stablecoin, MakerDAO & DAI
Special feature – cryptocurrency wallet workshop

A hands on, step by step cryptocurrency wallet workshop for you to learn how to receive, send, store within the Edge Wallet. Edge is a open source, non custodial wallet, which allows you to trade more than 12 cryptocurrencies, safely from your mobile phone. Wallet available on iOS and Android.


480 € incl. 21% VAT per student.

Paid in fiat or using cryptocurrencies via BitPay

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