Cyber Capital is an Amsterdam-based fund manager that specialises in cryptocurrency investment.

Actively managing a diversified portfolio, consisting of more than thirty different types of these digital tokens. There is a great variety of cryptocurrencies, each developed for different purposes, based on different fundamentals. Cyber Capital thoroughly analyses those fundamentals and invests in cryptocurrencies that have a promising value proposition, providing utility to its users.

fund a

Cyber Capital Fund A exclusively invests in cryptocurrencies for the long-term, based on fundamental analysis. The fund focuses on cryptocurrencies that provide utility to its users, and manages a diversified portfolio, consisting of more than fifty different types of these digital tokens. To ensure maximum liquidity and solvency to the participants, the fund does not invest in ICO’s.

The fund is actively managed and seeks to outperform the reference index for the cryptocurrency market (CRIX). The fund does not go short, uses no leverage and does not engage in day, swing or margin trading. The fund is currently mostly invested in the protocol and network layers, as we expect those to benefit most of the network effects. And because the application layer is still significantly less mature.

gross performance as of the 11th of August 2020

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