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CryptoCanal meetup : Special events & monthly educational meetup for all

We host Crypto 101, a free monthly educational meetup, to welcome all beginners to learn about the current fiat system before diving into blockchain fundamentals, mining and bitcoin. Ask all your questions during the Q&A.


  • Context & what is money
  • Blockchain fundamentals
  • Hot and cold wallets
  • Cryptocurrency wallet workshop – with Edge Wallet

Past events & Articles

Eleonore Blanc sits down with Daeki Lee to discuss OMM Finance | Blockchains Unchained

Women in Crypto: Interview with Eléonore Blanc, founder of CryptoCanal


18Palmas Experts’ Session with Eleonore Blanc, CryptoCanal.org

Digital Cash Rundown 14 with Eléonore Blanc: ETH Miner Revolt, NFT Mania, and More!

Bitcoin Within The Legal System

ICON expands its DeFi Ecosystem through Orbit Bridge integration, bringing many ETH assets to ICON

Does Cryptocurrency Enhance our Freedom? | Eléonore Blanc | Free Man Series EP.2

Digital Cash Rundown 6 With Eléonore Blanc: Mandatory KYC Crypto, Libra, BCH Split, and More! – joel valenzuela – Nov 27

The Future of Decentralised Finance with Daeki Lee, Nicholas Merten, Alex Mashinsky and Defi Dad! – iconplus – 17 Nov

The Decentralized O.S. – Singularity net Iohk event – Nov 9
Crypto Love Line – Eleonore Blanc on Tribalism, Heartbreak, Hard Forks & Recovering from Trauma – Nov 8 2020
Creating Sticky Communities. Storytelling: A Super Power or a Muscle? Marketing + Product =Growth – Digital week online – Oct 15

Episode 43 – Eléonore Blanc Talks Previous & Upcoming BCH DevCons
This is Bitcoin cash
BCH DEVCON Amsterdam 2018 (After Video) | BTC.com
Panel – Bitcoin Fundamentalks | Women in Blockchain Special
What people really think of bitcoin | TNW x BTC.com Aftermovie

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