As an event organiser, I always try to provide a fun, educational experience for my online and in-person events. I try my best to find venues where people can use their cryptocurrencies, or make my online classes more tangible with crypto wallet workshops. We need to experience cryptocurrencies. We need to send, receive and do that over and over until it’s all more familiar. This is all very  experimental and we need to try, fail, start over and learn from each others experiences. 

NFTs have been bugging me. When I heard about them for the first time in 2017, I wasn’t very interested, the use case was solely focused on collectibles. Slapping a QR code, on a very expensive pair of sneakers just wasn’t the use case that pulled me into crypto. However, as a crypto boomer, in 2021, I just couldn’t escape the NFT craze, everything and everyone minted NFTs and started playing around. No industry was left behind, pokemon cards, real estate, music, art… Just anything and everything. A beautiful tokembrian explosion

As a result, I felt I had to incorporate NFTs somehow in my cursus, or in my classes. So for the first time, people attending the upcoming in-person event in Amsterdam will be able to redeem a collectible NFT of that event. I’ve “minted” 25 unique NFTs to commemorate the night. The artwork is everything I love, neon and cats. 

Picking a platform

When trying new products, and exposing the CryptoCanal community to new products I’m very weary of the platform itself. Gotta check security, ease of use, base layer protocol, fees etc. For our first experiment (yes I will be testing others) I chose POAP. The platform’s design is adorable, the UI/UX is on point, and the whole issuing process was just very convenient and easy. Why so easy you may ask.

Well it’s not on-chain. POAP uses xDAI a sidechain, running on Ethereum. You can read more about it here. So here’s the challenge, to find the same of ease product, but running on-chain. 

Start collecting!

At the venue, on the 25th we will be distributing 25 codes (not sure if it will be the 6 digits code or in the shape of a QR code). You can claim your POAP from the POAP app or directly from the browser, using your Ethereum address or email. 

Submit your art

Let’s make this more fun! I’m no designer, just an amateur canva expert. This is my call to all to any artists wanting to create a 500×500 commemorative art piece. I made this announcement in the CryptoCanal community telegram group, but I got too excited and went on with the cat/neon art I made. However, now you know and you will all have more time to think about it and make something for our upcoming events. 

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