In our 2nd episode of Humans of Crypto, we lost track of time discussing all of the crypto businesses Kalani is part of, and why he is bullish on DeFi- a super interesting, inspiring chat with a genuine, super-smart guy.

Kalani, based in the US but Hawaiian through and through, is a Dad of two, Marketing Director of Velas AG, Creative Director, Founder of Divi Project and Founder of Ido Booster. He has a thing for sneakers and boxing and has ‘been in crypto businesses’ since forever. In this show, you will learn how his first business relationship in crypto evolved, his background in marketing (and how he became a pro) and his PR advice to crypto businesses who find themselves in the middle of a FUD attack. 

Make sure to listen to the end to hear the story behind his special, very touching show and tell. 

This episode is long form ( we got on like old friends, and decided to keep the whole recording in the final edit), so, we broke it down below, to help you flick through to your favorite parts. Just skip forward to a section to dive right in.

00:00 Intro 

01:54 Discovering Bitcoin

03:27 First relationship in crypto?

09:53 What did we learn from 2017? 

23:16 It’s all about partnerships

25:25 Mushroom interlude

39:26 What do you do to stay healthy?

44:50 This is a two way street

52:50 Marketing expertise 

1:01:44 Is community management just marketing? Is it just fluff?

1:04:06 How to prep for FUD attack? 

1:08:50 Show and tell  

1:16:20 Ledger instead of a college fund

1:19:50 We’re in a super cycle 

1:27:10 The rise of DEX 

1:29:09 Uniswap V3

1:30:00 The marketing strategies of tomorrow  

Want to see Kalani’s show and tell in real life? Watch the YouTube stream now.

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