In our 3rd episode of the Humans of Crypto Podcast, we were delighted to welcome Pavel Jakovlev. Last time we were together, in person, was during the World Economic Forum, in Davos Switzerland, in January 2020. Eons ago. In the meantime, he has built his own venture, Ancore Strategy. 

Fantastic  communicator, Pavel has had a lot of success managing and supporting startups, developing marketing strategies, driving their business… very passionate he shares how emotionally involved he can get with clients. A definite strength and something he has to also deal with, as the work hours are long and hard to track.

In this episode, we discuss his path in the crypto, blockchain startup world at CV Labs, Ancore Strategy, his own show White Spaces and his personal development. 

We hope you enjoy learning about Pavel, as much as we appreciated having him over for our 3rd epidsode.

The break down 

00:00 Intro 

01:50 A father & a builder 

03:47 Discovering Bitcoin, Tor and the Silk Road in 2011 

07:20 Ralf Glabischnig a friend and a mentor 

08:34 Davos & CV VC Labs event 

12:55 Britany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytica, Own Your Data, the Great Hack 

16:25 Working with a battle tested team 

17:30What it’s like to be an event organiser in Davos, World Economic Forum 2020 

23:00 “Sheduak” 

27:00 Market fluctuation affecting the crypto event scene 

32:00 Crypto Valley Zug the place to be for digital asset companies 

38:45 Mindset of regulators in Switzerland 

41:29 3 key take-aways when reviewing a project 

42:36 Baby interlude 🐣 

44:37 Scouting for early stage startups 

46:00 The team is everything 

47:15 Incubator life

50:30 Advices for a successful startup 

53:53 How many times have you failed? 

55:00 Andrew Wilkinson and the Metalab/Asana story 

59:49 Mental health & hustle porn 

01:08:13 Parenthood & learning patience 

01:11:23 Anchor management 

01:14:00 Making the world a better place 

01:15:00 Getting emotionally involved with projects 

01:16:40 COO Valentina Coco – Bad cop, bad cop 

01:19:40 2 types of founders 

01:22:55 Investor pitching 

01:25:07 White Spaces show – personal stories of people working in innovation 

01:32:48 Show & tell 

01:41:26 Venture builder 

01:41:30 Learning from female colleagues 

01:44:40 Next steps 

01:45:40 Non profit, focused on connecting ideas & capital 

01:46:24 Shout out to Valentina Coco, COO at Ancore Strategy

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