Episode 1
with Matt Aaron

In our first episode, we welcome Matt Aaron, he led the Bitcoin.com Podcast, hosting up to 231 shows and is currently the CEO of UniWhales.
Dive with us to learn more about his career, his first interview with Roger Ver, his experiences in Latin America, NFTs and of course his personal object, for us to remember him by. 

Humans of Crypto ​

A peer to peer podcast

Presenting the Humans of Crypto podcast, to share the personal stories of the people in this space. An intimate take on an industry that never sleeps. Take a moment and sit with us to learn about what it’s like to eat, live, breathe crypto.
The twist? Each guest has to bring a personal object that is dear to them. 
The Humans of Crypto Podcast available on all your favorite platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Youtube and more. 


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