Humans of Crypto #4 with Paul Puey

For the 4th episode of the Humans of Crypto Podcast I had the honour to welcome Paul Puey, CEO and Co Founder of Edge. Edge is a self custody wallet and exchange held by more than 2 million users. Built in San Diego with a strong ethos of usability and privacy. We dive into Paul’s journey into crypto, his health, the product, the mishaps and the future. 

The break down 

00:00 Intro

05:15 Crypto community of San Diego

10:20 “I’m a privacy hypocrite”

14:40 “I’m a dork and a geek at heart” 18:10 Health issues brought me to crypto

20:00 Questioning authority 22:00 My philosophy, it’s all about large enterprise VS the individual

24:10 “Bitcoin put it all together for me in 2013” 29:58 “After using crypto, bitcoin for a bit I said, It’s still early, there’s a lot to build, let me join this revolution and be part of the history books and here I am today”

32:36 From 3000 users to 2million

34:55 “Yes, that’s me, the convenience and wanting to simplifying it for the user” 37:39 “Bad UX, it physically hurts”

39:15 The pain of demonstrating the Armory wallet

40:00 “I’m convinced the industry will simplify this and I will be part of simplifying this and that’s how Airbitz, now Edge started”

42:00 “Edge is a self custody exchange, where you hold you keys, but you can buy, sell exchange with an elevated level of privacy” 43:45 “We are the bridge from the old to the new, with the user experience you are used to but with the core benefits of autonomy and privacy of this new financial world”

46:00 Bitcoin was built to have a level of privacy and control, the biggest value proposition is to send money to anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection and that’s gone if you don’t have your keys, which happens in a custodial service.

51:36 Cred is the biggest black eye in our company’s history, we did our best due diligence

54:12 “That’s the last full custodian service that you will ever see inside of Edge” 54:30 “The one time we compromised on the ethos of self custody…”

1:01:12 Forking is freedom 1:04:20 The Paul $

1:05:37 Freedom is messy 1:07:10 Shitcoin, fertilises creativity and innovation, manure for the crypto field. 1:10:00 Where do you learn? Shoutout to Omar Bham 1:13:20 Monthly Crypto Drinks on the last Wednesday of the month + Crypto 101

1:14:10 Does your family get crypto?

1:17:35 Show & Tell

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