Introducing the Crypto Salon

A peer to peer marketplace, connecting artists and the crypto community in the heart of Amsterdam.

In our previous event, we started experimenting with NFTs, POAPs more specifically and we wish to take it one step further for the CryptoCanal community. Taking advantage of the current successes and wonderful location of our Crypto Drinks, we would like to introduce the Crypto Salon.

The Crypto Salon is a peer to peer marketplace, connecting artists and the crypto community in the heart of Amsterdam. Held for the first time, on Wednesday 29th of September during the Crypto Drinks, hosted by CryptoCanal and Bitvavo. 

Call to artists & makers  

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to display your creations, and present yourself to the crypto community.

The catch? Sell your art for cryptocurrencies! Expand your fanbase and enjoy some crypto on the way. Wish to join us on this journey? Fill out this form and we will get back to you. 

Collectors & buyers 

Anyone joining the Crypto Drinks (limited places, first come first serve) will access the peer to peer marketplace, get a chance to meet the makers and buy, collect anything on display using cryptocurrencies. 

How to get crypto? 

Well there are several ways to get cryptocurrencies, you can go the KYC/AML route and use a centralised cryptocurrency exchange such as Bitvavo (referral link) and connect your EUR bank account. It’s that easy peasy lemon squeezy. Send your fiat from your bank account in a few clicks and buy cryptocurrencies.

Bitvavo is the largest cryptocurrency exchange serving the Netherlands and built with love from the canals of Amsterdam since 2018. Everyone seems to know their platform and sincerely appreciates their very responsive customer service. 

How to store crypto? 

Another way to get cryptocurrencies and easily store them would be to get the Edge mobile wallet (referral link), available on iOS and Android. It’s great to be able to spend your cryptocurrency on the go while having full ownership. We’ve discussed why we recommend Edge in a previous article.

In short, Edge is a non-custodian mobile wallet, only requiring a username and password (they won’t have your email address) and giving you access to your private keys! Remember the basics? Not your keys, not your crypto and Edge lives by it. Need a reminder?

Get our Crypto 101 Guidebook for all the essentials. 

Looking forward to welcoming all artists and makers to the crypto community. Crypto peeps get your wallets ready.

Til Wednesday 29th for this first edition of our Crypto Salon in the heart of Amsterdam and don’t forget to RSVP for the Crypto Drinks. 

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