I’ve started using Edge a loong time ago, right when I started working at BTC.com I downloaded many different wallets to compare and see what the hot wallet industry was like. Somehow, out of all the wallets I downloaded, Edge is the one that stuck with me for my daily payments. 

This wallet is packed with features, and yet, it so easy and simple to use that you’re living your best non-custodian life without noticing it. 

First of all, let’s talk about the sign up process, Edge requires close to nothing, a username and password. That’s it. It’s rare to encounter a product that doesn’t ask for more. I repeat, just a username and password, they don’t have any data on you, so forget calling customer service if you forgot you password, they can’t help you. With this wallet, you’re the one in control and it starts right at the sign up process. Make sure you use a relatively complicated password and write it down, you’re the only one who knows it. 

When you then open your wallet for the 1st time, they’ve pre-loaded 3 wallets for you, BTC, ETH and BCH. This is the tip of the iceberg, Edge is a multi-asset wallet, meaning you can host many other cryptocurrencies using this wallet. Which makes it easy, if you start growing and diversifying your portfolio. 

Edge is hot. A hot wallet is convenient, sits on your phone, but it connected to the internet, so in theory it’s less secure than a cold wallet (external device, not connected to the internet). However, for a hot wallet, Edge gives you a maximum of convenience while giving you security and ownership over your funds. 

As we all know by now, not your keys not your coins right? Well Edge, as a non custodian wallet, makes sure that you can have your private keys for all of the assets you may in hold in their wallet. Yup. With Edge you are the one in control, and you have access to your private keys. Backup them up safely and make sure that whatever happens, you have those keys, they are the most important thing this wallet offers imo. 

In addition, another interesting feature which has surprised some of my students in the past is that the public address for UTXO based cryptocurrencies like BCH changes. Let me explain, one day, a worried student, that had attended one of my Crypto 101 classes, contacted me, worried, as the public address they had shared with me the previous night for the BCH airdrop was now not appearing in the wallet. I had forgotten to explain what an HD wallet means. 

As a Hierarchical Deterministic wallet, Edge, derives your public addresses all from that same set of private keys/seed. It’s another hidden cool privacy feature, the moment you receive funds, your public address will change, so you don’t have to worry about people knowing your full balance. (cuz all of this is public on the blockchain right) 

There are so many reasons why I like this wallet, cute design, FIO, you can buy, sell and exchange.. Just download it and try it for yourself. 

Oh and stay tuned as Paul Puey, Founder and CEO of Edge will be joining me on the Humans of Crypto very shortly. 

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